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JAK-Metalli Oy's versatile and professional engineering department is the core of product development and a guarantee of quality

Design engineering combines analytical thinking, production and financial requirements, and know-how about the actual operating conditions that give our products their final shape. Modern software and efficient IT equipment guarantee fast and smooth designing at all stages of the planning process.

We utilize expert services in our engineering and we use versatile and constantly evolving software: SolidWorks 2020 3D CAD and Vertex G4 2D / 3D. Strength calculations we perform with SolidWorks software.

The development of prototypes, modeling of new parts and functions, documentation and analysis of production and operating characteristics form a continuous product development process. The planning work considers the efficiency of manufacturing, use of raw materials and desired quality characteristics of our products, especially from the end user’s point of view.

Our engineering department models even the smallest details of the products we manufacture

At the heart of the design is collaboration and discursion between production and users

The uses and markets for our products vary greatly from country to country. We want to listen to our customers and be ready to develop and evolve. We consider the discussion with our customers as the starting point for the engineering work. Our goal is to design products and solutions for the needs of different target countries together with our customers.

Our engineering department works closely with product testing and production to ensure the functionality of the product as well as cost-effective production. The extensive international network that JAK-Metalli has, is utilized in engineering, and we have ongoing cooperation for example in North America. We also analyze the information coming from real-life experiences from end users around the world. The data obtained serves as a tool for our design engineers to improve existing products and develop completely new solutions.


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