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The new modular series is shortly named R and it is suitable for excavators, wheel loaders and telehandlers by changing the rear part. The most important feature of the new series is its more versatile use and available variety of accessories.

How the same product fits different machine types, is very simple. The R-Series tree shear consists of two parts; the front end of the product is the actual cutting part of the JAK tree shear, followed by a tailgate suitable for the desired machine type. In this way, the same grapple can be harnessed to collect energy wood, for example, with excavators, wheel loaders or telehandlers.

With the new R-Series, the JAK tree shear sets the mind free from a fixed-machine-type tool towards the direction of versatility and multi-use. In practice, this means a better and more cost-effective solution, especially for those machine operators and companies that use a wide variety of machines in their work.

The R-Series tree shears are well suitable for different machine types

The same grapple for many different machines

The new R-Series tree shears are currently available in three different sizes: JAK-200R, JAK-250R and JAK-300R. The numbers of the models refer to the cutting diameter of the grapple in millimeters, but they also indicate the size of the machine type used. In the case of e.g. excavators, the sizes mean the 200R is intended for use in smaller 1.8-5 ton excavators, the 250R for medium-sized 5-12 ton excavators, and the 300R for use in large excavators over 12 tons.

The product names and purpose behind them is partly familiar from JAK-Metalli Oy’s previous tree shear models for excavators. The most popular grapples have traditionally been the models suitable for excavators, but the demand for models to use in various wheel loaders and telehandlers has also increased. The customer can easily have access to the new R-Series, as JAK assembles the R-Series´ products ready for use with the desired rear end depending on the customer´s machine type.

Replacing the rear section is designed so that the user can do it by himself quite effortlessly. In this way, the R-Series brings freedom to the use of the tree shear and removes the limitations to a specific machine type or application. The aim with the new tree shear model is to enable the users´ possibilities to develop with work tasks and the acquisition of new machines.

The rotary manifold together with the rotator allows the R-Series tree shear to rotate indefinitely around its own axis

The R-Series tree shear comes with a wider range of accessories

Several accessories are available for the R-Series tree shears. One of the most essential accessories in the R-Series is the rotator, which provides the grapple with several different working angles and more versatile movement to maximize efficiency and accuracy. With the help of a rotary manifold mounted in connection with the rotator, the tree shear can also be rotated indefinitely around its own axis.

The collector is a very useful and popular accessory for the tree shear. It makes clearing of particularly smaller trees faster, as the ready-cut trees are held in place with the collector while cutting new ones. The efficiency of the collector is based above all on reducing the number of back-and-forth-movements during the clearing and loading work phases.

A specific saw unit is also available as a new accessory for the R-Series, which makes it possible to cut neatly more or thicker trees compared to a standard cutting blade. It is thus an accessory designed for heavy-duty users, giving special efficiency to clearing work. Currently, the saw unit is available for the 300R-model.

There are also many other optional add-ons available, each developed for a specific scope of work. You can find out more about the accessories on each grapple’s product page.

Users can customize their own R-Series tree shear with accessories to best suit their purposes

Find out more about the R-Series Tree Shears

To find out more about the new R-Series grapples, go to our website and check the product presentations for different machine types. The R-Series tree shears are sold by JAK-Metalli Oy’s official distributors around the world. The contact information for a distributor closest to you can be found on our web site. They are happy to help with technical questions and quote requests.

The products manufactured by JAK-Metalli Oy have evolved into the current design and functionality based on years of product development and feedback from users. Today, the company is combining state-of-the-art know-how with vast international experience and knowledge on the field of operations. The new R-Series is starting a new era in the energy wood field ensuring JAK products´ to remain at the leading edge of development.

We will keep you informed about our next steps and news of expanding product lines. Be sure to follow our activities on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well!