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Increased demand has led us to start preparing to secure sufficient production capacity in the future as well. Thus, we have now decided to invest in the expansion of our production facilities.

Our company has had a lot going on lately. A record number of products have taken off to the world and we have had a bit of a rush in every area. However, as our business has always been based on a steady and determined development model, the need for additional space did not come as a surprise. Expansion is part of our company’s natural development, so we have had plenty of time to plan related solution options.

From the outset, the starting point for expansion has been that no stage of production is moved too far from our actual factory because it is important for us to be able to have a tangible presence at all stages of production. Thus, the facilities to be employed for expansion should either be built in conjunction with our current location or be located close enough.

This time, fortunately, we did not have to start building new, as a suitable set of facilities was found in the immediate vicinity of our current factory. This is, in a way, a very lucky coincidence, as it enables us to get new facilities at low risk very quickly. The expansion is intended to be fully operational after the summer.

Next, we will only renovate the facilities to suit our use, after which our production capacity will be increased to a new level. Overall, this expansion will increase the total number of our production facilities by approximately a third.

Production quality control is the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction

By keeping the entire production chain in our own hands, we want to send a message to the world that we also really manufacture the products ourselves and thus stand proudly behind them. It has been typical to Jak Metalli Oy’s operations that we do not compete in the market with the cheapest prices or with image advertising based on unfounded promises. We are guided by a genuine desire to do our best and thus show the world how good export products can be manufactured in Finland.

However, concentrating production also has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. When the entire production chain is completely under our own control, we are able to ensure that our customers get what we have promised them. Thus, it is very important to us to be able to be present at all different stages of our production.

When we make sure that the quality of our products remains high and meets expectations, this naturally has a direct association with customer satisfaction as well. Since, ultimately, the final quality assessment of a product is always provided by the user, the most important thing for all of us is that our products are at least equal in quality to what we have promised them.

We are guided by a genuine desire to do our best and thus show the world how good export products can be manufactured in Finland

The expansion seeks growth in the international market through domestic labor

As our market grows and new resellers are found around the world, it is clear that our company must also be able to meet the challenges that follow. The expansion of the production facilities is thus also part of a larger vision in which demand for products is expected to grow steadily with notoriety. And it seems to be happening in reality as well.

Recently, we have gained a foothold especially in the United States and Canada, where many of our products have been shipped in a short period of time. We are also actively looking for new contacts around the world and all forecasts suggest that demand is not slowing down, for one. Thus, we want to continue to ensure that we can offer our products to anyone who wants them.

However, large-scale internationalization objectives do not diminish the role of the domestic workforce in our operations. Rather the opposite, because the more our exports attract, the more it means work in Finland as well. At the same time, we support domestic employment and entrepreneurship all the way from the local level. The centralization of production, therefore, has an ideological significance in this sense as well.

We will inform you more about the future of our company later on. Big and great things are happening, be sure to keep up to date! Remember to follow our activities on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well!



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