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Joonas chose the Yanmar SV100 excavator with the JAK-250B Tree Shear equipped with a collector, solid extension and radio control.

customer standing next to JAK tree shear model 250B


Our distributor JJ-Areena presented the right choice at the fair

At the fair, where there were many options, Joonas carefully compared different tree shear models. The knowledgeable and customer-oriented staff at JJ-Areena introduced Joonas to our tree shear. The JAK Tree Shear stood out from the crowd due to its impressive structure, comprehensive warranty, and conveniently replaceable blade. These features were decisive factors in the purchasing decision.

In Joonas’s words:

“We compared different tree shear models at the fair, and JAK’s sturdy structure, warranty, and easily replaceable blade influenced our choice.”


Strong Structure, Easy Maintenance

The JAK Tree Shear stands out with its robust structure, making it an ideal partner for demanding forestry work. The design of the tree shear ensures a long lifespan and durability in varying conditions. In addition, easy maintenance provides significant practical benefits – work does not come to a halt for extended periods due to maintenance.


Replaceable Blade – Convenience in Everyday Life

One of the strengths of the JAK Tree Shear is its interchangeable blade. This allows for quick blade changes without much effort. Forestry work becomes even more efficient when the tree shear blade is always in top condition. This feature demonstrates JAK’s commitment to providing its users with hassle-free and high-performance equipment.


Versatility with Accessories

Several accessories are available for the JAK Tree Shear, making it a versatile tool for various forestry tasks. Users can customize the shear’s functionality and optimize it for specific tasks. This increases flexibility and further enhances efficiency. This time, the chosen accessories were a collector and a solid extension. The choice was also between cable and radio control. In this case, the best option was radio control, which operates a 6/2-directional valve.



Joonas’s choice of the JAK Tree Shear was not a coincidence. It was a conscious decision based on careful consideration, comparison, and JJ-Areena’s solid expertise in tree shears. JAK Tree Shears are a reliable companion for forestry work, providing efficiency, durability, and practicality.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient tree shear for forestry work, JAK is the right choice.

Congratulations to Joonas on the selection of the new tree shear!


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