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Machinery contractor Henri Rantala is used to working in challenging conditions. He has been using a JAK tree shear for about five years, and not once has he contemplated switching to another brand.

For him, the nifty handling and reliability of the device were important selection criteria. After all, as an entrepreneur he prefers spending his working hours working for his customers, not waiting at the repair shop.

“I’m engaged in energy wood harvesting in Central Finland, where the terrain is often challenging: there are steep slopes with marshland at the foot of the slopes, or forests with lots of stones and rocks on the ground. We work in young forests, at roadsides, edges of fields, in landscape clearing and removal of problematic trees. 80% of my work has to do with the renewal of young forests that have been left alone for the past 20 to 30 years, or more mature woods where the timber does not fulfil the requirements for commercial timber yet. These tasks would be expensive, time-consuming or almost impossible to carry out as traditional logging, but the JAK tree shear excels in these tasks. The age gradation distribution of the forest can be evened out at the same time: clearing, sparse first thinning and cutting of poor-quality supercanopy optimise the condition of the forest for growth.

Machinery contractor Henri Rantala

Over the years, I have used various tree shears, but the JAK shear stands out in terms of usability and reliability. Other devices suffered damage frequently, and maintenance and repair works were constantly needed. The time spent at the workshop is always a loss for me as an entrepreneur, both in terms of lost free time and income.

The compact JAK tree shear has a simple structure, and it is significantly more durable than the tree shears I’ve used before. Regular lubrication is the most important maintenance task that goes far.

Strong enough to cut even large trunks

In my opinion, the JAK tree shear is an extremely versatile tool. Not only does it allow me to quickly cut a small tree, but it is also strong enough to fell a large one as well. The shear is strong and reliable enough to cut a tree without the need to twist and turn it. Hence, it also makes it possible to safely remove problematic trees standing near buildings.

As a bonus, I’ve got a stump treatment device – designed by JAK – as an accessory to the tree shear. The device is used for spraying a stump treatment urea solution that prevents root fungus from spreading. So far, this has not been available for this type of guillotine shears.

Machinery contractor Henri Rantala

For professional and private use

I’m very pleased with both the JAK tree shear and the customer service. Maintenance and spare part services are smooth, and from the very beginning I’ve felt that JAK listens carefully to their customers’ needs and has a truly customer-oriented approach to product development.

I recommend the JAK tree shear for professionals and for private use in forestry alike. It is a brilliant attachment to an excavator – you only need one machine to fell the trees first and then move on to road construction after changing the attachment. It is also perfect for all-year energy wood harvesting, even in the harsh Nordic conditions.”

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