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JAK-Metalli Oy is launching a new JAK-350 Guillotine Unit suitable for R-series Tree Shears. The new guillotine unit streamlines the operation of the energy wood grapple and makes wood handling even more accurate, versatile and safer.

The JAK-350 Guillotine Unit cuts wood neatly and effortlessly up to width of 350 mm. The location of the cutting blades far from the jaws allows the tree shear to be used simultaneously for cutting, loading and all wood handling.

The safety of use has been one of the most important guidelines in the design of the guillotine unit. When using the JAK-350 Guillotine Unit, the jaws of the tree shear always close first and the cutting blades close only after that to cut the wood. The high design of the JAK Tree Shear, combined with the two-stage cutting function, ensures that even a thick tree trunk stays in the firm grip on the jaws after cutting. Separately closing blades also make it easier to clean small and bendy twigs.

Check out the short introductory video of the guillotine unit

The video just released shows the operation of the new guillotine unit in the JAK-300R energy wood grapple. The video illustrates the versatility of the new product from felling trees of different sizes to handling wood.


The optional JAK-350 Guillotine Unit is installed in the lower part of the R-Series Tree Shear, and it can be easily fitted to an existing R-Series JAK Tree Shear. If desired, the guillotine unit can be made to operate automatically with the grapple jaws with a single hydraulics and it does not require e.g., electricity.

The sale of the guillotine unit will begin next autumn, but already we are happy to provide more information about the product. The development and launch of the guillotine unit is part of our continuous development strategy to secure our place as the number one choice for professional users working in demanding conditions.

Come see the guillotine unit and other JAK-products at FinnMETKO

The new JAK-350 Guillotine Unit will be demonstrated in action for the first time at this year’s FinnMETKO event, where JAK-Metalli hosts a magnificent stand. At the fair, you can get to know our new and existing products, watch work shows with various machines and also meet us.

At FinnMETKO, we are celebrating JAK-Metalli Oy’s ten-year career as the leading name in Tree Shears designed for professional use. For this birthday, our stand has coffee service and the chance to sit and relax by the campfire with little outdoor eating.

There will be more news about the fair and upcoming new products later. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube too!


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