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JAK launches a renewed series of modular Tree Shears

The new modular series is shortly named R and it is suitable for excavators, wheel loaders and telehandlers by changing the rear part. The most important feature of the new series is its more versatile use and available variety of accessories.

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JAK-Metalli’s products are now also sold in New Zealand

The growth of our company in the international market has been rapid, and in less than a year we have expanded the number of our official dealers to seven new countries.

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JAK-Metalli’s personnel grows – Tiina Salin appointed JAK-Metalli Oy’s new Administrative Manager

During the summer, the JAK-team has grown to meet the company´s expanding operations. We are now introducing Tiina Salin, who has started as a new face at our administration.

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Jak Metalli Oy’s facilities are expanding as part of natural growth

Increased demand has led us to start preparing to secure sufficient production capacity in the future as well. Thus, we have now decided to invest in the expansion of our production facilities.

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Energiakoura tuo koneyrittäjälle monipuolisemmat mahdollisuudet ansaita lisätienestejä etenkin talviaikaan.

Additional work for excavators with the JAK tree shear | Experiences of the JAK-300

Lauri Leppänen of LL-Konetyö, a civil engineering, and forestry company, has been satisfied with the acquisition of the JAK tree shear. Tree shear gives the entrepreneur more versatile opportunities to earn additional income, especially during the wintertime.

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WANTED! We are looking for JAK users all over the world. JAK product packages for the participants!

We have sold and delivered tree shears to over 40 countries. Now, we would like to show to all people following us where and in what kind of use our products currently are.

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This time we present the JAK-20X universal grapple that can perform a variety of loading and digging jobs.

Watch the video: Versatile JAK-20X universal grapple collects and digs

With the 20X grapple, you can perform versatile digging and loading works of farms, worksites, waterfronts and rivers, roadsides, and gardens.

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Watch the video: JAK-220TC tree shear prunes, collects, and cuts

We recently published a bulletin telling about our new cooperation deal with Farmikko Oy. Of course, this also means that our product range will be expanded by as many as four new energy wood tree shear models.

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Finnish tree shear manufacturers conquering North America together

Finnish energy wood tree shear manufacturers JAK-Metalli Oy and Farmikko Oy are seeking strong international growth through a new cooperation concept. Despite the corona virus, the sales volumes of both companies will increase this financial year. The next goal is to conquer the North American market.

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See you at trade fairs this autumn!

JAK will participate in the trade fair on 8–10 October 2019

Koneurakointi Henri Rantala

Koneurakointi Henri Rantala: “We chose the JAK tree shear thanks to its easy handling and reliability”

Machinery contractor Henri Rantala is used to working in challenging conditions. He has been using a JAK tree shear for about five years, and not once has he contemplated switching to another brand.