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The guillotine unit enhances the operation of the tree shear and makes wood processing even more precise, versatile, and safer. The JAK-350 Guillotine unit cuts wood cleanly and effortlessly up to a frame thickness of 350 mm (13,7 in).

The location of the blades allows the tree shear to be used for easy loading and to handle piles without removing the blades. The unit works with the same additional hydraulics as the tree shear otherwise. When using the guillotine unit, the jaws of the tree shear always close first and the wood is cut with the cutting blades only after that.

The high structure of the JAK tree shear, combined with the two-stage cutting function, guarantees that even thick tree trunks remain firmly gripped by the jaws even after cutting. Separately closing blades make the work easier even when cleaning small branches and twigs.

The guillotine unit is installed in the lower part of the R-series tree shear, and it can also be easily added afterward. If desired, the Guillotine unit can be made to work automatically with the jaws with one hydraulic system, and it does not need electricity.

Guillotine unit block

The Guillotine Unit can also be equipped with the Guillotine Unit Block, which enables the use of both the tree shear and the guillotine unit with one additional hydraulic line (outgoing/return). Separate additional hydraulics/electrical connections are not required.

It can also be connected to the tree shears hydraulics using a 6/2 valve. When connected in this manner, you will need electrical power.


JAK-350 Guillotine unit

    • Cutting diameter: 350 mm (11,7 in)
    • Working pressure: 250-300 bar (3 625-4 351 psi)
    • Minimum oil flow: 60 l/min (15,8 gal/min)
    • Weight: 290 kg
    • Warranty: 1 year



  • JAK-250 Guillotine unit

Compatible tree shear models

The accessory is currently available for the following tree shear models. You can get that accessory pre-installed when buying a new tree shear or order it separately for an existing model and install it yourself.

JAK-300R tree shear for excavator JAK-300R tree shear for wheel loader or telehandler

Watch the Guillotine unit introductory video

In this video, you can see how the Guillotine unit works in practice. In the video, the base machine is an excavator, which is connected to the JAK-300R model tree shear using the excavator mounting part.


Images of the Guillotine unit


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