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Agile JAK-20X collects and digs

20X is equipped with four independent jaws. It ensures a tight grip on pieces of different shapes. The grapple can hold up to 300 (79,2 gal) liters of desired material at once like firewood etc, thus its usability as a working tool is extremely efficient.

20X is suited for various timber cranes, rotators, truck hoists, small-scale forest machines, and forwarders. With the 20X grapple, you can perform versatile farm, worksite, waterfront and river, roadside and garden works that require agile and durable grapple.


JAK-20X Grapple specifications

  • Weight: 120 kg / 264 lbs
  • Opening: 137 cm / 53,9 in
  • Loading capacity 300 l / 79.2 gal
  • Maximum working pressure: 210 bar / 3 045 psi
  • Cranes for lifting moment 15-65 kNm
  • Connecting has to be free hanging with rotator
  • Warranty: 1 year

JAK-20X Grapple features

➔ Loading firewood up to 300 litres (79,2 gal) at once
➔ Loading chips, sand, stones, soil, manure, bale etc,
➔ Easy remove bushes and even make small excavation works with your crane
➔ Lightweight and durable


Watch the JAK-20X grapple presentation video

In the video, we can see how agile and versatile JAK-20X works in different tasks. JAK-20X is equipped with four independently operating grapples, which means that the grapple is able to easily handle very different types of materials.

Images of JAK-20X multi grapple

From the image gallery below, you can view JAK-20X from different angles. Click on a small image to see the same image in full-screen size. Here is also some images of the fitting options.

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