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JAK-300 is a true heavy-duty tree shear

JAK-300 is our most robust tree shear for excavators. It is designed for use on excavators weighing more than 12 tons (26455 lbs). Due to its size, JAK-300 is ideal for felling larger trees in particular, but it is also ideal for clearing smaller crops.

Designed for use in large scale excavators, JAK-300 cuts the wood to be harvested neatly and precisely at the desired point from ground level. However, the efficiency of this tree shear is best noticed when faced with something more challenging than usual. Namely, JAK-300 also cuts larger trees effortlessly up to a thickness of 30 cm (11,8 in).

The jaws of the JAK-300 take an unmistakable grip on any wood. The wood that is firmly pressed by the shear is neatly cut thanks to the cutting blade. With the wide opening of the shear, several trees can also be cut at once, and the cutting force of the shear does not clot even with high mass. The high profile of JAK-300 ensures a firm grip on the wood during handling.

If necessary, the cutting blade can also be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.

JAK-300 Tree Shear specifications

  • Weight: 570kg (1256 lbs)
  • Cutting diameter: 300 mm (11,8 in)
  • Working pressure: 250-300 bar (3 625-4 351 psi)
  • Minimum oil flow: 60 l/min (15,8 gal/min)
  • Opening: 840mm (33 in)
  • Impact plate height: 505 mm (19,8 in)


JAK-300 is equipped with the fasteners desired by the customer.

JAK-300 Tree shear features

➔ CE approved
➔ Made in Finland
➔ Two-year warranty
➔ Removable blade
➔ Powerful and durable
➔ High profile

Watch the JAK-300 Tree shear presentation video

The video introduces the operation of JAK-300 in a variety of ways. As you can see from the video, the tree shear cuts the trees from the desired point high or just above ground level. The optional collector for JAK-300 also seen on the video allows multiple trees to be collected and cut without additional and time-consuming trajectories.

JAK-300 looking for its match

JAK-300 is a true heavyweight champion in its class, not afraid of challenges or hard work. JAK-300 is designed especially for heavy professional use, and its quality has not been compromised. JAK-300 is the best tool for a large scale excavator when clearing work is to be carried out efficiently without interruptions.

If the tree shear is to handle wood of different sizes efficiently, JAK-300 is a real trend setter. It makes it easy to handle all types of energy wood harvesting, as JAK-300 does not clot even on thicker trunks. It is clear that the efficiency of energy wood collection depends to a large extent on the quality of the equipment used for it. That is why we want to make sure JAK-300 does this in the best possible way.

The requirements for a high-quality and efficient energy tree shear are set very high among professionals. Thus, JAK-300 has been developed in close cooperation with mettlesome industry professionals, which has enabled us to ensure its quality and performance even in real conditions. We have also noticed that JAK-300 has gained its place on the market and its quality is trusted by more and more industry professionals.

The superior cutting power and durability of the JAK-300 tree shear are proven to be world class. For this reason, we are especially proud to use SSAB’s prestigious Hardox steel as the base material for our products. “Hardox In my Body” guarantees that our tree shears are made to last.

JAK-300 Tree shear accessories

The use of the tree shear can be diversified by equipping it with the following accessories:


Collector optimizes work efficiency and saves time. If the purpose of the tree shear is to clear smaller and more densely growing timber from the same area, this process can be made much more efficient and faster thanks to this collector.

The collector makes clearing easy and fast as the same area can be handled with less effort. With the help of a collector, the tree shear can collect several trees growing separately in the same bundle.


Tilter brings more agility, efficiency and new entry angles to the tree shear when working with an excavator on clearing. With the help of the tilter, the tree shear can be turned up to 45° in both directions, so that its controllability reaches the highest level even in more challenging situations. In this case, clearing work with an excavator is more successful, as it allows easier access to difficult sites.



Rotator improves the usability and reach of the tree shear, making wood handling easier. The optional rotator brings extra efficiency to the job by improving tree shear control.

The rotator works, as its name implies, to allow the tree shear to rotate along the axis of the arm. This allows for a wide variety of working angles and makes clearing easier, especially when working in challenging terrain.

Rapid traverse valve

Rapid traverse valve improves the working speed of the tree shear. It allows faster movement of the unloaded gripping phase. The operation of the rapid traverse valve is based on changing the oil flow when rapid traverse is more important than maximum force.

Felling support

A separate felling support attached to the tree shear makes wood control easier and safer. Optional felling support raises the height of the tree shear impact plate to ensure firm control of the wood. In this way, the felling support ensures solid control of the wood.

Two-year warranty

Our products have reached their current shape based on experience gained in heavy use and long-term research. Because we know what our tree shears are capable of, we are also able to give our products the best warranty on the market.

Our products are the best choice for those who appreciate the efficiency and quality of work. There is only one JAK!

Images of JAK-200 Tree shear

From the image gallery below, you can view JAK-200 from different angles and with different accessories. Click on a small image to see the same image in full screen size. In this view, you can browse through the images from left to right, or press the cross at the top right to close the view.

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