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JAK-300C is a new type of tree shear in our collection, where the cutting force is concentrated on the side of one clamping jaw. This solution enables a lighter structure of the grapple and also a more affordable price.

This multipurpose tree shear model is the result of long-term product development and research. During the development, the design of the grapple has taken into account know-how based on real experience from our own solid experience in wood harvesting, as well as thoughts from real-life professional users. This tree shear has gone through a demanding testing process in fences and demanding conditions. With this, we can be sure of its functionality also with new end users in mind.

We use hardness-classified Hardox® steel in manufacturing! Domesticity and the use of top-quality materials also contribute to a structure and reliability that lasts even in the toughest situations and conditions.



  • Suitable for 6-20 Ton (13000-44092 lbs) excavators
  • Cutting diameter: 300 mm (11,8 in)
  • Weight: 350 kg (771,6 lbs)
  • Opening: 630 mm (24,8 in)
  • Detachable blade = multipurpose
  • Optional equipment available
  • Many coupling options
  • Minimum oil flow: 60 l/min (15,8 gal/min)
  • Working pressure: 250-300 bar (3 625-4 351 psi)
  • 12 month warranty


  • Common excavator attachments
  • In special order by customer’s machine type


Thanks to the design and the quick-removable blade, the grapple also works great in many other applications besides felling trees, such as loading, handling materials, etc.

The open structure also helps to keep the tree shear clean of wood chips, dirt or, for example, snow, so that the grapple does not clog even in heavy use.

Changing the coupling to a different model is an easy procedure if necessary. The same grapple therefore fits several machines by changing the adapter plate.

Watch JAK-300C -model video demonstration

In this video, you can see the operation of the JAK-300C model in real action. The video shows the C-model’s versatile loading features, precise handling and, of course, superior cutting power.

Available accessories

The use of the tree shear can be diversified by equipping it with the following accessories:

Collector C-series

For C-series JAK Tree Shears

The Collector increases the productivity of the tree shear significantly. With the help of the collector, unnecessary movement is eliminated, and with this, speed and efficiency increase considerably.

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For Excavator JAK tree shears

Tilter brings more agility, efficiency, and new working angles to the use of the JAK tree shear when working with an excavator.

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Electrically operated 6/2-directional valve E6234

For JAK-300B, JAK-300R, JAK-300C and JAK-400C Tree Shears

By using an electrically operated 6/2-directional valve, you can divide one hydraulic function into two when using a tree shear.

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Cable Control

With electrically controlled 6/2-directional valves for hydraulic control

Cable control is used to control an electrically operated 6/2 directional valve to move functions to different hydraulic lines.

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Radio Control

For wireless control of hydraulics with electrically operated 6/2 directional valves

With radio control, it’s easy to control an electrically operated 6/2 directional valve to move functions to different hydraulic lines.

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Coupling options for Excavators

For B, C and R-series JAK Tree Shears

All the most common excavator coupling options are available for our tree shears. Some uncommon options are available upon request, depending on the customer’s machine type.

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Solid Extension

For B, C and R -series JAK Tree shears

Solid extension brings additional reach to the work, which increases cost-effectiveness and speed. With the solid extension, the delicate parts, especially the rotator, can be kept safe from the branches of trees.

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Foot C-series

For the C-Series Excavator rear part

The foot is an accessory that is used as a support point, for example, when lifting/moving the excavator by the boom.  The foot is attached to the bottom of the tree shears rear part.

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Images of the JAK-300C Tree shear for excavator

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