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Equipped with the excavator adapter, the JAK-300R is a powerful tree shear designed for use in larger size excavators weighing over 12 tons (26455 lbs). By changing the adapter to be connected to the grapple, JAK-300R is also possible to harness for use in loaders and telehandlers, for example.

The jaws of the JAK-300R take an unfailing grip on the wood. With the wide opening of the grapple, several trees can also be cut at once, and the force of the grapple does not coagulate even with a large mass. Due to its large size, the JAK-300R easily cuts a tree’s diameter up to 30cm (11,8 in) thick. At the same time, it is also ideal for felling into smaller stands, as its handling is precise and effortless.

The wood that has been firmly pressed by the grapple is neatly cut thanks to the grapple cutting blade. If necessary, the cutting blade located below the JAK-300R can also be removed, in which case the energy grapple acts as a normal wood grapple.


  • Weight of the tree shear: 510kg (1124 lbs)
  • Weight of the excavator adapter: (include the bolt plate): 103 kg (227 lbs)
  • Cutting diameter: 300 mm (11,8 in)
  • Working pressure: 250-300 bar (3 625-4 351 psi)
  • Minimum oil flow: 60 l/min (15,8 gal/min)
  • Opening: 840mm (33 in)
  • Impact plate height: 505 mm (19,8 in)
  • Length (with the rotator and excavator adapter): 1900 mm (78,8 in)
  • Width (with the rotator and excavator adapter):  1150 mm (45,2 in)
  • Height (with the rotator and excavator adapter):  600 mm (23,6 in)


  • Common excavator attachments
  • In special order by customer’s machine type

JAK-300R Tree shear features

➔ CE approved
➔ Made in Finland
➔ Two-year warranty
➔ Removable blade
➔ Many optional accessories
➔ Possible to harness for use in other machines
➔ Powerful and durable
➔ High profile

Watch the R-Series Tree shears for excavators video

In this video, you can see how the R-Series tree shears work on a excavators. The tree shear is quick to install and easy and efficient to use.

JAK-300R Tree shear accessories

The use of the tree shear can be diversified by equipping it with the following accessories:

Guillotine unit

For R-series JAK tree shears

With the help of the guillotine unit, the maximum cutting diameter of the wood can be increased up to 350 mm (13,7 in). In addition, excellent breaking of small willows is achieved thanks to overlapping closing blades.

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Rotator and Rotary Manifold

For R-series JAK tree shears

The rotator and rotary manifold enable the JAK Tree shear to rotate endlessly in both directions.

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Collector B/R-series

For B and R-series JAK Tree Shears

The Collector increases the productivity of the tree shear significantly. With the help of the collector, unnecessary movement is eliminated, and with this, speed and efficiency increase considerably.

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Saw unit

For R-series JAK tree shears

The saw unit brings efficiency to clearing work. With the help of the saw installed in place of the cutting blade, even several trees can be neatly cut at a time. The saw also enables thicker trees to be cut in a controlled manner.

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For Excavator JAK tree shears

Tilter brings more agility, efficiency, and new working angles to the use of the JAK tree shear when working with an excavator.

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Electrically operated 6/2-directional valve E6234

For JAK-300B, JAK-300R, JAK-300C and JAK-400C Tree Shears

By using an electrically operated 6/2-directional valve, you can divide one hydraulic function into two when using a tree shear.

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Cable Control

With electrically controlled 6/2-directional valves for hydraulic control

Cable control is used to control an electrically operated 6/2 directional valve to move functions to different hydraulic lines.

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Radio Control

For wireless control of hydraulics with electrically operated 6/2 directional valves

With radio control, it’s easy to control an electrically operated 6/2 directional valve to move functions to different hydraulic lines.

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Felling support

For B and R-series JAK tree shears

The felling support raises the height of the impact plate of the JAK tree shear and thus ensures firm control of the wood.

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Multimount rear part

For R-series JAK tree shears

The Multimount rear part is an adapter to be installed on the R-series tree shear models, with which the tree shear can be used in various loaders and telehandlers.

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Excavator rear part

For R-series JAK tree shears

The excavator rear part is an accessory suitable for the R-series tree shear models, with which the tree shear fits all common excavator models, depending on the adapter plate and excavator coupling.

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Coupling options for Excavators

For B, C and R-series JAK Tree Shears

All the most common excavator coupling options are available for our tree shears. Some uncommon options are available upon request, depending on the customer’s machine type.

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Solid Extension

For B, C and R -series JAK Tree shears

Solid extension brings additional reach to the work, which increases cost-effectiveness and speed. With the solid extension, the delicate parts, especially the rotator, can be kept safe from the branches of trees.

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Cylinder Options

For B, K and R-Series JAK Tree shears

Various cylinder options are available for the JAK Tree Shears, depending on the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the machine.

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Foot R-series

For the R-Series Excavator rear part

The foot is an accessory that is used as a support point, for example, when lifting/moving the excavator by the boom.  The foot is attached to the bottom of the tree shears rear part.

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Two-year warranty

Our products have reached their current shape based on experience gained in heavy use and long-term research. Because we know what our tree shears are capable of, we are also able to give our products the best warranty on the market.

Our products are the best choice for those who appreciate the efficiency and quality of work. There is only one JAK!

Images of the JAK-300R Tree shear for excavator


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