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We have sold and delivered tree shears to over 40 countries. Now, we would like to show to all people following us where and in what kind of use our products currently are.

We are asking all our customers around the world to contact us and tell us about their relationship with JAK products. No matter if you are an entrepreneur or a private user. Above all, we are interested in the situations and environments our products are used in. Surely, if you happen to be an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity for your company to gain free visibility!

So, if you are a user of a JAK tree shear, please send us a short description of your experience with a photo or two. Also, if you have videos on the subject, we’ll be happy to share them. Once you have sent us your material, we will publish it on our website and social media channels with your permission. If there is an interesting story related to our product, we would definitely like to hear and share it!

We will reward the best user stories with JAK product packages, so do not hesitate to contact us!

JAK user stories, images, and videos can be sent by email at


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