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With the 20X grapple, you can perform versatile digging and loading works of farms, worksites, waterfronts and rivers, roadsides, and gardens.

Although we mainly focus on the manufacture of tree shears, our product range also includes other tools suitable for the job. This time we present the JAK-20X universal grapple that can perform a variety of loading and digging jobs.

Originally, JAK-20X was introduced to Jak’s product range along with cooperation with Farmikko Oy, in which Farmikko’s products were integrated into Jak’s production and international operations. As a result of the cooperation, our renewed product range has also aroused a lot of curiosity and inquiries around the globe. Thus, we also made a small video introducing the operation of the JAK-20X universal grapple.

Watch the JAK-20X grapple presentation video

In the video, we can see how agile and versatile JAK-20X works in different tasks. JAK-20X is equipped with four independently operating grapples, which means that the grapple is able to easily handle very different types of materials. The strong jaws of the grapple grip or sink effortlessly into the desired target. Watch the actual JAK-20X universal grapple presentation video below.

The lead role of the video is played by JAK-20X. Be sure to also subscribe to our Youtube channel

With the help of the JAK-20X grapple, firewood and various soils move from one place to another at a tremendous rate. JAK-20X is also well suited for handling solid objects such as logs, pallets, or stones. The grapple is capable of holding up to more than 300 liters (79,2 gal) of the desired material at a time, making its usability as a tool very efficient.

JAK-20X is indeed a rather versatile tool, with which you can perform digging and loading works of farms, worksites, waterfronts and rivers, roadsides, and gardens. 20X is suited for various timber cranes, rotators, truck hoists, small-scale forestry machines, as well as smaller excavators.

Want more information about the JAK-20X? Do not hesitate to contact us.

If you need more information about the JAK-20X or would like to know your nearest JAK dealer, please feel free to contact us. You can also request a quote if you want to order the product directly from our factory.