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We decided to make a small video about the use of the new C-model Tree Shear, in order to present the features related to its operation in more detail.

The JAK-300C Tree Shear has attracted a lot of talk and interest right from its release. The first batch of the model was sold out during the one weekend, so the buzz around the product is not only created from the thin air. Especially since we’ve received a flurry of new contacts related to the product throughout the fall.

One factor that explains the product’s popularity is certainly its compatibility with so many excavators of different sizes, as well as the features related to its use. So in order to be able to better illustrate the operation of the C-model for those who are not familiar with the model, we decided to make a small video of the use of the product.

Watch the JAK-300C in action:


With the C-model, handling wood is very easy, as its design enables the wood to be moved and loaded even when the cutting blade is in place. The efficiency of the work can also be significantly improved with the optional collector, which allows the tree shear to cut and collect several trees at once.

The cutting blade below the grapple can also be detached, which turns the grapple into a full-size wood grapple. Detaching and re-installing the cutting blade can also be done easily in a few minutes. You can find more information about the C model and its accessories on its own product page 

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The demand for energy wood is now at its peak, so if you are looking for a truly high-quality and efficient tree shear, the JAK-300C is your choice! If you need more information about the product or want to buy one, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or using the contact form below.

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